Who is Kai?

I am a 40-year-old father of two from Espoo and currently the Chair of the Parliamentary Group of National Coalition party.

I got interested in politics already during elementary school. We established an action group in our school to save the Laajalahti Nature Reserve. Soon I became the chairperson first of the association of young environmentalist in Espoo, then of the youth city council of Espoo, of the Union of Upper Secondary School Students and shortly after of the youth organization of the National Coalition party.

I later graduated as an Economist and worked in business, for instance at Sampo Bank in Russia, at the East Office of Finnish Industries in St. Petersburg and at the Confederation of Finnish Industries in Helsinki.

In 2015 I got elected in the National Parliament for the first time. One of the main topics during my campaign was to get rid of the use of coal and cut by half the use of fossil oil in Finland. After the elections in the governmental negotiations I acted as the main negotiator of our party in the working group on energy and the environment and as a small surprise to myself we were able to get these two goals written in the governmental program. The program stated, that we will prohibit the use of coal in Finland and will cut the amount of fossil fuel used by half by 2030.

After the first year in the parliament, I  received a seat also in the government. From 2016 until 2018 I worked as the Minister of Foreign Trade and Development and from February 2018 until June 2019 I worked as the Minister of Interior. As a Minister, I have been able to push forward many topics, which were important to me. For instance in 2018 we passed the above mentioned law prohibiting the use of coal.

As the Minister of the Interior, one of my main aims has been to streamline the bureaucracy of migration to Finland for experts and other talents. On the security side I’ve pushed through reforms for preventing foreign-based crime in Finland, and I’ve emphasized and directed resources to the preventive work by the police forces, especially in the fields of domestic violence and sexual crime. I want to make sure that Finland is the safest and happiest country in the world also in the future.

The past four years have been a unique learning experience and a unique experience of realizing how much influence an active and results-oriented politician can have. We still have a lot of work to do to push for a cleaner climate and environment, a cosmopolitan Finland, a safe society and a solid, thriving and innovating economy. I would be  thrilled to keep on influencing Finland’s and the world’s future through Finnish Parliament.


  1. Welfare built upon jobs. I’ll strive to ensure that working (or participating in the labor market) is always profitable. Instead of taxing work, we should tax detrimental activities and consumption. Let’s make it easier for people to get employed.
  2. Safe and open Finland. I’ll work towards keeping Finland the world’s safest country while ensuring that Finland develops as an international and tolerant society. Helping people who are genuinely under persecution is part of humanity, but misuse of our humanitarian protection system should not be allowed.
  3. Pollution-free future. During this government term we banned the use of coal in energy production and in our EU politics we repositioned Finland from one of the member states trying to hinder ambitious climate policy into a supporter of faster emission reductions.


I’m a pro-market, pro-environment reformer. Markets allow for innovation and creativity, but economic activity has to be allowed only within limits set by environmental sustainability. Working (as opposed to unemployment) has to be profitable in every situation. Finland has to be a safe country and an international and open country at the same time. We need to be a frontrunner as the world is moving towards an emissions-free future.

Since high-school I’ve participated in politics as a calling – nowadays it’s also my profession. As a former banker and strategy consultant I understand the logic of the private sector. However, after those experiences I drew the conclusion that the passion driving me most is to try to make Finland and the world a better place.

I want to maximise the freedom of individuals while ensuring responsible behaviour of people so that one’s behaviour doesn’t restrict the freedom of others – not of the people living now and not the of the future generations. We should not live at the cost of our children, be it by our country getting indebted or by taking unreasonable risks related to our climate or the biodiversity of nature.

The sense of responsibility towards the environment is what drew me into politics at the beginning. Maximising the freedoms of individuals made me choose Kokoomus (center-right) as my party.

I’m a ”green-blue reformer” which means that we need to reform our economy to seriously take into account the environmental limits of our activities (the ”green”) while believing that we need to leave as much space as possible for the freedom of choice and freedom of innovation of the market economy (the ”blue” ).

In these articles you can find a little bit more about my ideas on climate policy, security and other issues.