Kai Mykkänen

A Modern Moderate

About me

I am a 43-year-old father of two from Espoo. Together with my wife Anna we have in our family two sons and whippet dog called Nakki.

I work currently as the Minister of Climate and the Environment. I was elected first time as a Member of Parliament in 2015. During the years 2016–2019 I worked as the Minister of the Interior and as the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development.

During my professional career I have worked as an economist specialising in corporate finance, Russia-related analysis, strategic consulting, and private sector outreach.

I was born and bred in Espoo, where I am currently a member of the City Council.

The basic reason I am in politics is that I do not want us to live at the expense of our children, be it by unreasonable government debt or polluting the climate.

I am a candidate for the Parliament in the Uusimaa electoral district.

Now’s the right time for

Healthy Economy

We need to stop the downward spiral of government debt, which is shaking the very foundations of our welfare state for future generations.

Finland is built by employment. When enough people find employment, we can take care of those who need our support. The social security system needs to be reworked for more incentives for employment.

We should ease the taxation of work. Middle income salaries are taxed higher in Finland compared to our close neighbour Sweden.

Let’s invest in education and research & development. This requires courage to make savings elsewhere.

The focus of immigration should be on recruiting people who we need in Finland. The diminishing numbers of working aged people threatens our ability to pay for our schools, care for the elderly and other welfare services. Turning international recruitment from a problem into a success is a defining challenge for our society.

Safe Finland

We will make Finland an active member of NATO, which is prepared for all eventualities with a strong national defence. Our greatest strength is the determination and unity of our country.

Let’s strengthen our support for Ukraine, which is fighting also for us. A Russian victory in Ukraine would mean more perils for entire Europe.

Military support for Ukraine must be increased. We in Europe thought that we are strong in economic sanctions but weak in defence. Reality has proven otherwise. Russia cannot be stopped with boycotts.

We must stop the spread of organised crime in the shape of street gangs. An escalation that we have seen in Sweden has to be avoided. Safety and security are Finland’s key assets and so it must remain.

We need both preventive work among young people and determined measures to stop crime. Immigrants should be obliged and supported to acquire education and employment. Most serious crime require resolute actions.

It is humane to help those who seek refuge in our country, but if that person turns out to be a threat to society, something has gone profoundly wrong.

Clean Energy

We must combine the market economy with environmental responsibility. This is the modern choice.

In a decade we can multiply the production of clean and renewable energy. We need to create the conditions for new nuclear power and a hydrogen economy. Wind power is increasing, but we need electricity also during calm and freezing days.

We must think more about tomorrow and less about today when we make our political choices. Our children have, for example, the right to enjoy a clean Baltic Sea.

Eight years ago, I campaigned for banning the use of coal by law. Back then it was almost an utopian vision to provide heating for Helsinki during the winter without coal power plants and I think I was the only person driving an electric car. Now we are already transitioning quickly away from fossil fuels.

Why Kokoomus, the National Coalition Party?

Freedom and responsibility walk hand in hand. Living on credit is unfair, whether it was done in terms of debt or ruining the environment. Politics is aimed at changing the future. The quick fixes promised by populists do not work, when we face the challenges of the future.

A sustainable Finland of welfare is a job for those who can carry the burden of responsibility. I do not want to burn bridges but build them. I define myself a rational idealist.

I am in politics to search for solutions, not problems.